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Phase 1

  1. If a parent/guardian does not feel comfortable having their child Return to Play, TFA-SGV will be supportive of players choosing not to return.

  2. TFA has implemented the COVID-19 prevention and response protocols in place.

  3. During Phase 1, the coaching staff will consider injury risk strategies as endurance, strength, and soccer skills come back into focus.

  4. Training sessions must abide by the maximum number of players (10) per group allowed based on State and Local social distancing guidelines.

  5. All practices are to focus on individual fitness and skills training in a socially distant environment.

  6. No use of Scrimmage Vest / Pennies.

  7. Participants within a training session may not arrive at the facility (training area) until the previous group has completely departed.

  8. Parents should ideally drop off kids and pick them up from designated area. Parents may not sit on the sideline of training sessions

  9. Parents are encouraged to wait in the car during the training session, and continue to follow all social distancing guidelines.

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