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Directors, Coaches, Team Managers, Parents


Attached to this email are all the final details you need to know before arriving to Rose Bowl Stadium this coming Saturday. 


Please Please Please be sure to share the parking information with your families. They must register their vehicles using the team links (websites)they used to purchase their tickets. Currently $8 online.


Parking Prices will go up to $15 the day of the event, and then 

$20 if they choose to pay at gate. 


People will use the receipts they got in their phones and emails as their tickets when they arrive the day of the event. They must show their receipts at a CHECK IN table we will have outside the gate starting at 8:45AM. 


Please be sure players bring their waivers. They will not be able to participate if they do not bring the waiver.



Please send me a list of your team roster including the staff members per team that you are allowing on-field. only those players on the list will be allowed on the field.


Rose Bowl Stadium is MASSIVE! I, like all of you, am a Director for a youth club as well, and trust me, the fields will be perfect size for all age groups. We have done same formats in other stadiums, and when i compare the dimensions of Rose Bowl to those others the green space is immense! 


I am really looking forward to meeting you all personally!

Let's all have a great GAME DAY! 

All the best!

This is the schedule for all TFA-SGV Teams on Saturday 2/29.

Player make sure to arrive 75 minutes before kickoff.

TFA-SGV B2010 vs EURO CLUB B2010            -  10:00am

TFA-SGV G2010 vs Visitation Prep G2010        - 10:00am

TFA-SGV B2009 vs EURO CLUB B2009             - 11:00am

TFA-SGV B2008 vs EURO CLUB B2008             - 11:00am

TFA-SGV B2007 vs Santa Ynez FC                      - 12:00pm ​

TFA-SGV B2012 vs ATLAS-SFV                            - 1:00pm

TFA-SGV B2004 vs ATLAS-SFV                            - 1:00pm

TFA-SGV B2002 vs San Bernardino Bravos        -  2:00pm

Only players on the roster will be allowed to enter the field at NO Charge.

All Spectators are required to purchase a ticket to enter the Rosebowl online.

please purchase your ticket at the link below:

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